Recently, Weihua successfully completed the lifting of a 450t shipbuilding gantry crane designed and manufactured for Wuhu Shipyard. The span of this crane is 92m, with a rated lifting weight of 450t and a rated turning weight of 300t. It is mainly used for turning and closing operations of the ship's hull. It has functions such as lifting, lifting, and turning over in sections in the air.



1. During the design, software (ANSYS) is used to simulate and analyze various usage conditions of the product, adjust the bearing stress, and make the product have wind resistance, earthquake resistance, collision resistance, and anti overturning capabilities.

2. The lifting drum adopts a double-layer parallel winding structure and is equipped with a rope guide to prevent the steel wire rope from jumping due to excessive deviation during lifting, ensuring safe operation.

3. Each institution adopts a variable frequency electrical control system, which has functions of load balancing, high-precision positioning, and automatic correction of supporting legs. It can achieve slow and fast operation under full load and light load, effectively solving the problem of safe switching between multiple lifting hooks lifting simultaneously and independent lifting of a single hook.

4. Equipped with a safety monitoring system, equipped with various functions such as task and operational parameter management, status monitoring, recording, tracing, alarm information sound, image display, etc.

5. The gantry crane is equipped with elevators and emergency walkways, and drivers and maintenance personnel can reach the driver's cab, high and low control rooms, and the upper part of the main beam through escalators or elevators, making it convenient for entry and exit.