Weihua has 33 national and provincial-level research and development platforms, relying on 7 major research and development centers at home and abroad and a research team of more than 1000 people. It has undertaken 7 major national projects and has more than 1200 authorized patents. Its independently developed electrical anti sway control technology is internationally leading, with a 400 meter ultra-high winch setting the world record for the largest lifting height. The AICrane intelligent control system creates a true lifting robot, and the new Chinese crane defines a new concept and promotes the lifting of new cranes China's lifting technology is constantly iterating and updating.


The production process of Weihua products is equipped with advanced and complete crane manufacturing technology, supporting equipment, and tooling systems. From steel pre-treatment, cutting, welding, to assembly, heat treatment, and painting, the entire product production process has strict process requirements and quality standards, ensuring that all aspects of product production meet process requirements and high quality standards.


Weihua has always taken internationalization, greening, intelligence, and digitization as its development strategy, with the goal of building a world-class high-end intelligent factory. Relying on the three major production bases of Changyuan, Zhengzhou, and Jiangsu, Weihua has built intelligent production workshops, equipped with robot welding and spraying intelligent production lines, specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of various lifting equipment, marine equipment, high-end intelligent equipment, etc. It produces more than 100000 sets of intelligent lifting logistics equipment and supporting products annually.



Quality is the lifeline of Weihua, and Weihua regards comprehensive quality management as the central link of enterprise management. The testing reports issued by Weihua National Accreditation Laboratories can be exchanged and recognized with more than 70 countries around the world. We have over 300 sets of testing equipment, including a 1000 ton test bench and a 100 ton electric hoist test bench. From raw materials and supporting components entering the factory to finished products leaving the factory, we establish strict process and testing standards at 180 main control nodes to ensure that the mechanical components are fully controlled.