About Weihua

Who We Are?

Founded in 1988, WEIHUA is a world-leading material handling solutions supplier.In 2022, WEIHUA 

total production facilities area reaches 3,420,000 m2.

What We Do?

At Weihua, we pursue technology-driven development and enhance our products and systems to the next level of automation by applications of artificial intelligence and IoT technology. We provide customers with bridge cranes, gantry cranes, electric hoists, intelligent multifunctional cranes, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), bulk material handling equipment, port equipment & comprehensive solutions, and the solutions for turn-key material hoisting and handling engineering.

CustomersWe Serve?

Our customers are mainly in the fields of metallurgy, steel, power, manufacturing, mining, railway, 

aerospace, petroleum, natural gas, chemical industries, ports, etc.

Global Markets

You can easily find WEIHUA products in 130 countries such as the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom, and so on. We work with our representatives and offices globally to provide comprehensive & competitive portfolios of custom solutions, including product sales, spare parts & preventive maintenance, and modernization in order to add value to customers’ projects throughout the productlife cycle.

Global Markets
Shape WEIHUA as a world innovation brand.
Weihua makes the world easier.
First association we made, forever friends we shall be.
Green, Intelligence, Customization, and Network.
Weihua History
Since 2011
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Business Start

In 1988, Mr. Han Xianbao raised 200,000 yuan of registered capital and started Weihua's entrepreneurial journey with 6 workers in a handicraft workshop which covers less than 0.2 hectare of land with only a few small equipment.

After 8 years of hard work, the basic primitive capital accumulation has been completed. At this stage, weihua completes the transform from mechanical maintenance to parts processing and production of electric hoists. At this time, it established the integrity management concept of Once Deal We Made, Forever Friends We Shall Be, and established an enterprise organization.


In 1996, Weihua moved to the Garden Factory. The enterprise has gradually embarked on the road of standardized management by studying, introducing talents, implementing legal person management, establishing a governance system, and establishing 8 Departments and 1 Room. it has designed and registered its own trademark, and Weihua had its own brand; In the product series, the product structure was adjusted, the crane project was launched, and single-girder and double-girder crane production lines were built, forming more than 50 varieties in 6 series; Weihua proposed the Mission of Making Weihua As a Global Brand and Revitalizing Chinese National Industry and management philosophy of Success Is Built on Integrity, And Efforts Will Eventually Return.


Into the new century, Weihua has entered a stage of high-speed expansion, and major breakthroughs have been made in enterprise scale and production capacity. Weihua cranes are sold well nationwide in China, and the production and sales of general-purpose overhead cranes and gantry cranes rank the 1st place in China. Weihua overhead crane, metallurgical cranes, etc. won the market with their excellent quality and service, and led the development of the crane industry in Henan.

In 2004, Weihua Group Co., Ltd. was established, hired some senior professional managers such as Mr. Yu Youfei and various high-end talents, breaking the family management model and realizing group management model. It helps the company run on the fast lane and highway. The company vision of "Weihua makes the world easier" has been determined as well.

Brand influence is rapidly increasing. Weihua was rated as China Famous Brand Product, China Well-known Trademark and China Machinery Top 500 enterprises, and achieved leapfrog development. The company has achieved new breakthroughs in technological innovation. For example, Weihua developed large-tonnage products such as 600-ton bridge cranes and 900-ton beam-shifting cranes. Double-girder bridge cranes are exported to the United Kingdom. It has successively implemented the management of strategies, goals, standardization, performance, lean, etc. and the management level has reached a new level.

In 2009, the Group’s development strategy was formulated to indicate the direction for future development.

Strategic Transformation
Since 2011

According to the Twelfth Five-Year strategy, Weihua Group reviewed the situation and formulated the 12th Five-Year overall strategy. In addition to the main business of cranes, Weihua adopts a moderately diversified and international development strategy, invests 360 million yuan, and establishes Weihua Construction Engineering Group, which is mainly based on municipal engineering, steel structure, engineering construction, anti-corrosion construction and general contracting. The construction general contracting business chain helps Weihua explore external business operations, forming Weihua's new economic growth point. Weihua also enters the international market and set up offices in India and Singapore.

During the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan period, the Group’s overall strategic development direction was defined as Transformation to General Contractor of Engineering with 6 major sectors including lifting machinery, mining machinery, engineering construction, international trade, engineering general contracting and automated parking system. It guides enterprises to realize the strategic transformation from production to service and from traditional to platforms.

Weihua continues to take innovation as the starting point, improve the core competitiveness by intensifying R&D efforts with green, intelligent, customized and network-oriented development directions.

500 honorary titles
1000 R&D engineers team
1,200 authorized patents.
130 Technological Achievements
33 honors as National Enterprise