At present, in the northwest of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula, 23 cranes from Weihua are working for the construction of the Future New City (NEOM) in Saudi Arabia.


The Saudi Future New Town (NEOM) project was initiated by Crown Prince Mohammed of Saudi Arabia, with a total investment of 500 billion dollars. It focuses on nine industries, including energy and water, biotechnology, food, and clean manufacturing, and will rely entirely on renewable energy for energy supply. It is a new highland where China's "the Belt and Road" initiative and Saudi Arabia's "Vision 2030" are deeply aligned.


The Saudi Future New City (NEOM) is divided into four main parts: The Line (linear city), Oxagon (clean industry center), Trojena (mountain tourist destination), and Sindalah (luxury island resort). It will have super connected cognitive towns, ports and enterprise areas, research centers, sports and entertainment venues, and tourist destinations. Due to the large scale of the project, the concept of high-tech empowering green development transformation will be fully reflected in the project, As a result, it has attracted global attention, and Crown Prince Mohammed has referred to it as the "land of global dream chasers".



With the continuous promotion of the future new city project in Saudi Arabia, Weihua crane has won unanimous praise from customers for its green and low-carbon product performance and comprehensive service guarantee, once again confirming the international market's recognition of Weihua standards, making Weihua a firm and unwavering choice for customers. The orders are constantly pouring in, and it is expected that the number of Weihua lifting equipment will continue to increase, which will assist Saudi Arabia to build a "global dream chaser's land".


NEOM in Saudi Arabia.png