Recently, Weihua made a 500t gantry crane for a heave equipment company and this crane has successfully passed the acceptance inspection, adding a new member to the Weihua Large Tonnage Product List.



This product is mainly used for large-scale equipment lifting and the Max. 500t objects can be easily lifted. The span is 40m, and the lifting height is 40m, which means that the objects can be lifted to a height of about 14 floors.


Technical Features:

1. Gantry structure adopts the lightweight design of equal strength, and the product has sufficient stiffness and overall stability, with wind resistance, earthquake resistance, and anti overturning capabilities.

2. Each mechanism adopts frequency conversion+PLC control to achieve slow and fast operation under full load and light load. It is equipped with a safety monitoring system and has functions such as task management, status monitoring, recording, storage, browsing, and tracing.

3. Multiple lifting points are combined for lifting, achieving high-precision synchronization, and equipped with upper and lower electrical deviation correction devices to ensure synchronous operation of both sides of the crane.



Carrying out heavy load operations in an outdoor working environment places higher demands on the stable operation, efficient and reliable use characteristics of equipment, and this company is located in the coastal area frequently affected by adverse weather such as typhoons. With excellent product quality and ingenious service guarantee, Weihua has built a strong safety fortress for customers. Its products can withstand typhoons of magnitude 12 and earthquakes of magnitude 7, eliminating worries for customers.