On July 5th, 2023, Han Hong'an, Chairman of Weihua Group, and a delegation visited Wuhu Shipyard. Zhang Zhao, Chairman of Wuhu Shipyard, gave a warm welcome of the visit. The two sides held discussions on further deepening cooperation and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.


At the meeting, based on the principles of mutual benefit and complementary advantages, the two sides focused on the research and development direction of high-end new energy ships, intelligent production lines, overseas sales channels, and domestic substitution. They conducted in-depth discussions and were committed to conducting comprehensive cooperation to build a new strategic partnership of creating value and collaborative development.


This year, Weihua Group provided 3 shipbuilding gantry cranes to Wuhu Shipyard, establishing a good foundation for cooperation between the two parties. In the future, Weihua Group will continue to provide innovative and high-quality products to Wuhu Shipyard, promote further deepening and strengthening of bilateral relations, and assist Wuhu Shipyard in achieving new results in high-quality development.