The construction of smart ports around the world has triggered a new round of dock revolution. The importance of the upgrading of port equipment and the intelligent research and development of control systems has become increasingly prominent, which guides the development of Weihua port machine. Then how did Weihua Group effectively integrate these two elements to win the favor of customers?



Today we are going to visit the Weihua intelligent container storage yard in the Zhoushan Archipelago in Zhejiang Province to see how it operates efficiently without any worker there.



In the 40 million-ton refining and chemical project, container trucks travel in an orderly manner in the Weihua intelligent container storage yard. As an intelligent and green container yard operation system, a total of 6 remote-controlled automated rail-mounted container gantry cranes in the project are equipped with automatic positioning, real-time monitoring and intelligent remote-control systems, which can realize unmanned 7X24 hours management, the overall project can be automated and efficient.


Advantages of Weihua Intelligent Container Storage Yard:

1. Each mechanism of the rail-mounted container gantry crane in this intelligent yard project adopts a dual positioning system with redundant detection and mutual verification to ensure accurate and reliable positioning during remote operation.

2. Each remote-controlled automated rail container gantry crane in this intelligent yard project is designed to include a video system with up to 24 high-definition cameras, which can monitor the running track, container, truck, lane, container area and other parts of the trolley in real time, so that the operator can control the crane accurately.



3. The equipment remote monitoring and management system in this intelligent yard project can display the running status of equipment and other auxiliary operation equipment in real time through simulated animation, so as to improve the working efficiency of drivers.

4. The scanning identification system, anti-sway system, automatic operation system, etc. set up in this intelligent yard project, as the remote automation subsystem of the rail container gantry crane, realizes one-key automatic operation from the truck to the container area.



5. This intelligent container yard is running well, with stable and reliable performance, and has been recognized by customers. The port equipment and intelligent control system can be customized and designed according to the actual needs of the port. It not only improves the port's operation efficiency, reduces labor costs and risk accidents, but also Connecting with the port management system to realize real-time correlation and recording of information, which is convenient for port management. It is an indispensable part of smart port construction.